Stolen Kisses with Her Boss by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas Dean

STOLEN KISSES WITH HER BOSS by author Susan Carlisle is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for August 2017.

Cynthia Marcum transcribed renowned surgeon Dr. Sean Donavon’s work and was used to hearing Sean’s sexy voice. She had built up a huge fantasy about him. And then she met him. It was the fulfillment of all her dreams.

But would it be good to become involved with the man who was paying you? She was in a dilemma. And could she put Sean first from her young brothers. After all she had family responsibilities. And she was determined to be always there for her brothers.

Would Sean be happy to take second place to her brothers?

STOLEN KISSES WITH HER BOSS was a sweet emotional read. I loved the way Cynthia took her familial responsibility so seriously. She is someone to look up to for young girls/readers the world over. Author Susan Carlisle once again brought a story which would keep a reader engrossed in the pages.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical readers.